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Hassle-free parking solutions for high frequency business areas

Parking is the start and finish of a journey, be it a trip to a business meeting or commuting to work: if the start  is troublesome and difficult, the whole experience can be affected.

Thanks to HUB’s technologies you can adopt, fully integrated, advanced systems that enable smooth parking management and elevate employees, visitors, and guests parking experience!

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Undoubtedly, manage the high frequency of parkers is among the main challenges that Business Centers face on a daily basis. In order to provide the best customer experience it is crucial to embrace top-notch parking technologies: learn how HUB can provide you with the most reliable solutions for your specific requirements!

  • You can count on user-friendly, reliable interfaces that do not require touch interaction, to support the heightened hygiene efforts in place at business centers and high-transit sites. Contactless payments and tap-and-wave access media can be easily integrated into your parking system. Explore our Touchless Solutions!
  • Manage your parking asset with complete peace of mind. HUB’s experts take care of the maintenance service and operations support to grant you the flawless functioning of the entire asset, while providing you with the knowledge for a confident administration. Explore our Services!

And there’s more

  • Take full control of multi-parking sites thanks to centralized operations, while collecting real-time data into a single management platform, which allows a responsive and satisfactory customer service. Explore JMS!

  • Gain the highest level of security over the entire parking asset: our solutions provide the maximum control on entry/exit vehicles. manage the parking asset with peace of mind by collect a considerable yet valuable amount of data thanks to our license plates’ monitoring solution! Explore LPR!

  • Adopt scalable and technically advanced parking systems to keep up with the times and promptly respond to future needs, while definitely improving internal processes! Flexible configurations and digital integrations can massively enhance your daily operations. Explore our Digital Services!

Our parking solutions for high frequency areas were chosen by more than 50 business centers around the globe. Read the cases of Lakeside, California - USA, Sephora HQ, Paris – FRANCE and Nation Towers, Abu Dhabi – UAE.

The access to the workplace should be a quick operation, completely free from stress. That is the case with the parking system installed by HUB and operated by Horus Park, which meets the impeccable quality standards of the new location of our Global Headquarters.

Sephora Management, Paris, France

The solution proposed at Nation Towers was designed to offer to visitors and residents a smooth access to the Towers. The system installed by HUB and operated by Zone Parking grants users a stress-free access to the parking lots.

Rita Pryke, Head of Property Management and Leasing, International Trading Capital, Abu Dhabi – UAE

OAKLAND Lakeside Business Center

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PARIS Sephora HQ

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ABU DHABI Nation Towers

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More than 50 business centers across the globe adopted HUB’s solutions to provide a smooth and stress-free parking experience to their parkers.

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Business Centers references

  • Canada

    • McMaster Innovation Park (Hamilton, Ontario)
    • EP PLACE (Ontario)
    • TD Centre (Toronto, Ontario)
    • RBC Centre (Toronto, Ontario)
    • Yonge Corporate Centre (North York, Ontario)
    • EY Tower (Toronto, Ontario)
    • Bay Adelaide Centre (Toronto, Ontario)
    • Commerce Court (Toronto, Ontario)
    • One Yonge Tower (Toronto, Ontario)
    • Brookfield Place (Toronto, Ontario)
    • 18 York/SFC (Ontario)
    • 16 York (Ontario)
    • Royal Bank Plaza (Toronto, Ontario)
    • 45 Sheppard Court House (Ontario)
    • 25 Sheppard (North York, Ontario)
  • France

    • Sephora (Neuilly sur Seine)
  • Ireland & Northern Ireland

    • Whitefriar Street Church (Dublin, Ireland)
    • Cunningham Butchers (Newry, Northern Ireland)
  • Italy

    • Centro Vega (Mestre)
    • Efsa (Parma)
    • Energy Park (Vimercate)
    • FAAC S.p.A. (Zola Predosa)
    • Autoparco (Brescia Est)
    • Le Albere (Trento)
  • Malta

    • Trident Park (B'Kara)
  • Middle East & East Africa

    • Landmark Tower (Abu Dhabi, UAE)
    • Polygon Business Park (Cairo, Egypt)
    • BFH Headquarters (Manama, Bahrain)
    • Abu Dhabi Airports Company (Abu Dhabi, UAE)
    • Barwa Financial Towers A&B (Doha, Qatar)
    • King Abdullah Financial District (Saudi Arabia)
    • SIT Tower (Dubai, UAE)
    • Malek Project (Saudi Arabia)
    • Leaf Tower (Abu Dhabi, UAE)
    • Twin Towers (Doha, Qatar)
    • Exchange Towers (Dubai, UAE)
    • Dubai Jewel Tower (Dubai, UAE)
    • City of Lights C15 (Abu Dhabi, UAE)
    • IT Plaza (Dubai, UAE)
    • European Business Center (Dubai, UAE)
    • Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority HQ (Dubai, UAE)
    • Dubai Properties HQ (Dubai, UAE)
    • Addax Office Tower (Abu Dhabi, UAE)
    • Omega Building (Dubai, UAE)
    • Al Hudaiba (Dubai, UAE)
    • One Za'abeel (Dubai, UAE)
    • Dubai Islamic Bank HQ (Dubai, UAE)
    • Al Rayyan TV Studio (Doha, Qatar)
    • Al Jaber Twin Tower (Lusail, Qatar)
    • 2XL MSQ Building (Sharjah, UAE)
    • CFC Podium 1 (Cairo, Egypt)
    • Debra Parking (Nairobi, Kenya)
  • Poland

    • Waterfront Business Center (Gdynia)
    • Atlas Tower (Warsaw)
  • Romania

    • Romexpo (Bucarest)
    • Terraverde (Ploiesti)
  • South Africa

    • OM Precinct
    • The Fields
    • Jewel City
    • Alice Lane
    • City Power
    • Ghandi Square (Johannesburg)
    • CTICC (Cape Town)
    • Lynnwood Bridge office Park (Pretoria)
    • Mbabane Office Park (Eswatini)
    • Greenstone Mall Church Parking (South Gauteng)
    • Standard Bank Swaziland (Swaziland)
    • Greenbushes Industrial Park (South Gauteng)
  • United Kingdom

    • Media City (Salford)
  • USA

    • Nationwide Insurance
    • Lakeside (Oakland, CA)

Parking experience

Parking is often referred to as a grudge purchase – the start and finish of a journey, be it a trip to a business meeting or to work. If the start of the trip is troublesome and difficult, the negative experience can cause a knock-on effect for organizations overall.

Making it easier to get to work and commute, also contributes to increase the overall productivity and the attractiveness of the workplace.

Quality, long-lasting and reliable products and services are the natural consequence of HUB’s 100 years of know-how in the industry. Drivers can count on a handy and dependable combination of software and hardware solutions for a total hassle-free parking experience!

You can grant an even smoother parking experience thanks to a wide range of flawless third-party integrations with other touchpoints of their journey!

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Whether it is a newly built Business Center or an old one in need of improvements, every environment requires tailored solutions to adapt the parking sites for the best usability and functioning. Tell us about the Business Center’s specifications, we will help you win the future challenges!

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