Smart parking solutions for smart cities

Urban environments are rapidly evolving towards a better and more sustainable experience for citizens. The transformation is increasingly permeating every level of the Municipality, including parking sites and garages.

Cutting-edge, smart parking technologies are pivotal to renovate the urban parking areas and to facilitate city mobility. Over 50 Municipalities across the globe have adopted HUB’s solutions to provide a seamless parking experience to both commuters and local drivers.

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You can maximize your parking asset’s operations and stability while facilitating mobility and improving traffic around busy areas. Learn how to easily manage high volumes of daily visitors, employees, and residents by leveraging a turn-key combination of software and hardware solutions!

  • An advanced smart management system for parking areas regulates access by making it automated and easier, thus ensuring regular profitability. Take advantage of HUB’s Cloud management solution for stable and stress-free operations. Discover JMS Cloud!
  • Take full control of multi-parking sites thanks to centralized operations, while collecting real-time data into a single management platform, which allow a responsive and satisfactory customer service. Discover JMS!
  • Grant your users the smoothest parking experience thanks to a wide range of flawless third-party integrations , such as the city app, parking meters, and smart occupancy sensors, among others.

And there’s more

  • Transform the car park into a digitally-enabled facility by simply upgrading your existing parking system with ticketless solutions, that encompass camera-based entry, online payments, bookings, and car flows optimization. Discover JPASS!
  • HUB’s parking pricing management system is flexible and adaptable to any requirements and it can be optimized for specific targets, passes and subscription, or even special events.

Our parking solutions for smart cities were chosen by many Municipalities all over the world. Read the cases of Negrar di Valpolicella ITALY, Puteaux PARIS and Venaria Royal Palace ITALY.

The creation of a modern Smart City aims to improve the quality of life in a tangible way. Some of the high-tech solutions that we have chosen are already becoming good practices for the industry and a point of reference for the development of similar projects.

Franco Rossetto, Director at Abaco S.p.A. - Negrar di Valpolicella, Italy

Making it easier to get to work, shop, and commute, also increases the overall economic activity of the city businesses. At the same time, making the operations more efficient and traceable – that was the main reason to choose the JMS solution.

Management Team, Municipality of Puteaux - Paris, France
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PARIS Ville d'Antony

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Cernusco sul Naviglio, Milan

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ITALY Negrar di Valpolicella

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More than 50 Municipalities across the globe adopted HUB’s solutions to provide a seamless parking experience to both commuters and local drivers.

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Municipalities references

  • Canada

    • Toronto Parking Authority (Ontario)
    • City of Victoria (British Columbia)
    • City of Red Deer Downtown Parkade (Alberta)
    • City of St. Catharines (Ontario)
    • City of Hamilton (Ontario)
  • France

    • Ville de Puteaux (Puteaux)
    • Ville de Clamart (Clamart)
    • Ville d'Antony (Antony)
    • Ville de Beausoleil (Beausoleil)
    • Ville de Manosque (Manosque)
    • Ville de Le Mans (Le Mans)
  • Greece

    • Saratsis (Athens)
  • Ireland

    • Grand Canal Car Park (Dublin)
    • Ushers Quay (Dublin)
  • Italy

    • Metro Lucca (Lucca)
    • Ciriè - Piazza Castello (Ciriè)
    • AMTAB (Bari)
    • Châtillon (Châtillon, AO)
    • Venaria Reale (Torino)
    • Negrar di Valpolicella (Valpolicella, Verona)
    • Cernusco sul Naviglio (Milano)
    • Parcheggio degli Orti (Narni, Terni)
    • Piazza Ghiaia (Parma)
    • Parcheggio Ginnetto (Foggia)
    • Arezzo Centro (Arezzo)
    • Lungomare Sud Parking (Riccione)
    • Piazza Garibaldi (Sondrio)
    • Parcheggio Ponte Milvio (Roma)
    • DUC Parma (Parma)
    • Cicletteria (Parma)
    • Central Parking (Milano)
    • Comune di Merate (Merate, Lecco)
    • Parcheggio Vallebona Residenti (Volterra)
    • Multipiano Manzoni (Cagliari)
  • Malta

    • CC Car Park (Sliema)
  • Middle East

    • Nesto Public Parking (Saudi Arabia)
    • Telecommunication Regulatory Authority DXB (Dubai, UAE)
    • Telecommunication Regulatory Authority AUH (Abu Dhabi, UAE)
    • Ministry of Tourism Saudi (Riyadh, KSA)
  • Morocco

    • Parking Paul (Rabat)
    • Parking Sid El Abed (Rabat)
    • Parking Casinò (Rabat)
    • Parking Sables d'or (Rabat)
  • Poland

    • Parking Miejski (Wrocław)
    • ZOO Kraków (Kraków)
  • South Africa

    • Durban Station
    • Pretoria Station
    • Park Station
    • Carlton Centre
  • United Kingdom

    • Corporation of The City of London
    • Guildford Borough Council
    • Poole Borough Council
    • Leeds City Council (Leeds)
    • Princes Exchange (Edinburgh)
    • York Park and Ride (York)
    • Somerset West and Taunton Borough Council (Taunton)
    • Lytham St Annes
    • Saltergate Multi-Storey Car Park (Chesterfield)
  • USA

    • City of Madison (Wisconsin)
    • City of San Francisco
    • New Brunswick Parking Authority
    • Los Angeles County
    • San Antonio (TX)
    • City of Omaha (NE)
    • San Francisco (CA)
    • New Brunswick Parking Authority (NJ)
    • Broward County (FL)
    • Los Angeles County
    • Pittsburgh Parking Authority (PA)
    • Philadelphia Parking Authority (PA)
    • Louisville (KY)
    • New Haven (CT)
    • Erie (PA)
    • Akron (OH)
    • Fan Pier Parking Garage (Boston, MA)

Parking experience

Cities trends head towards new ways of distributing resources and creating citizen-centered ecosystems. Smart cities are coherently transforming mobility by promoting public transportation and often relocating parking facilities immediately outside the city, close to metro, train and bus stations.

HUB’s parking systems are designed to boost the end user experience: every day we focus on smart solutions to make parking easier and improve the quality of life in the areas challenged by higher transit in the Municipality.

Our solutions make it easier for drivers to reach the parking areas in a more quickly and easy way. In fact, they can:

  • check the occupancy of the parking before the trip starts, and get directions to the closest available space;
  • book in advance and remotely extend the parking session;
  • avoid queuing to pay and do it conveniently and securely from the phone.

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