Not every car park is the same, nor every facility faces the same challenges. There’s why we provide our customers a wide range of additional features to customize the installation, boost revenues, and make drivers happier.

Thanks to the high level of specialization of our experts we can cater for different segments, from shopping centers to airports and hospitals. Always keeping in mind that every parking facility is unique.

License Plate Recognition (LPR)

Every car has its own License Plate, so why not taking advantage of this to ensure a safer and easier parking experience? That’s exactly what LPR does.read more

License Plate Inventory (LPI)

LPI is used to collect and record license plate data from vehicles to give the Parking Facility Staff a better understanding of the parking habits of patrons.read more

Centralized Control Room

When managing multiple facilities, or a very busy one, it’s hard to keep everything tracked. That’s why a control room is crucial.read more

Contract Parking (Monthlies)

There are parking facilities that are accessed by the same parkers daily: think about municipalities and what business centers. The easiest solution is contract parking.read more

Parking Guidance

A very useful tool for drivers because it allows them to easily get information about unoccupied parking spots, and find a vacant one quickly.read more

Valet Parking

Why not offering your patrons a five-stars parking experience while increasing revenue? Valet Parking is the solution that will make both you and your customers happy.read more

Pre-Paid Parking Online

Is there anything better than driving to a parking facility, already knowing your spot is secured and paid for in advance?read more

Secured Credit Card payment EMV and PCI

As drivers are increasingly paying their fares with credit cards, it is crucial to provide them with the highest level of security.read more

Business Intelligence and transactional reporting service

Data are everywhere, but they’re not easy to gather, analyze and rationalize. Unless you choose a business Intelligence and transactional reporting service.read more

Chip & PIN & NFC

Traditional magnetic stripe credit cards can be easily cloned, but the anti-fraud measures that Chip & Pin provides are nearly impossible to duplicate and allow quicker transactions.read more

Credit Card Payments at central or exit pay stations

A pay on foot parking system is a convenient, reliable and flexible solution for many businesses.read more

Mobile Payment Solutions

Pay the parking fare with your phone, or a mobile application, instead of inserting cash into a parking meter or pay and display machine.read more


The voucher solution is designed for high-traffic environments such as shopping malls, mixed-use business centers, large hotels where multiple businesses attract a steady flow of users, often at peak times.read more

Credit In / Credit Out

Parking operators who automate their areas with cashless payment systems will be ready to reap benefits and enhance their customers’ experience.read more
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