Our History

HUB Parking Technology is a brand of world-renowned FAAC Technologies, an international player in access automation, parking and access control business in both the residential and industrial sectors.

Our journey is a testament to the steadfast commitment to excellence, drawing strength from a rich tapestry of acquisitions that spans expert organizations with a legacy of over 100 years in the parking industry. Brands such as FAAC, ZEAG, and Datapark constitute the foundation of our expertise, reflecting a wealth of knowledge that forms the backbone of our operations today.

The evolution of HUB Parking Technology is intricately woven into the fabric of this remarkable history, culminating in the cutting-edge Jupiter product range. This range not only encapsulates the best practices inherited from our legacy brands but propels our solutions into the future of parking and mobility. The solid investments on research and development underscore our dedication to meeting and exceeding customer expectations on a global scale.

Our commitment to delivering reliable solutions is further manifested in our diverse product offerings, developed collaboratively across the globe. HUB Parking Technology seamlessly integrates knowledge from each market, ensuring that our solutions are not only robust, but also tailored to the unique needs of our customers worldwide. Join us as we continue to shape the future of parking with innovation, reliability, and a legacy of expertise.


  • FAAC (Fabbrica Automatismi Apertura Cancelli) was founded in Bologna, Italy


  • Creation of Zeag by Zühlke Engineering AG in Switzerland


  • Foundation of Zeag Systems Ltd


  • Foundation of INERTECHNOMICS USA (Datapark)


  • First Datapark Software Development Team formed to write DP11000 Software

  • First Major Projects in the USA: City of San Francisco & City of Monterrey (still providing PARCS today)


  • Datapark brand is released

  • Datapark opens their first Australian Office


  • First Datapark installation in Australia


  • FAAC enters the parking business

  • Foundation of PES South Africa (became Zeag SA in 2002)


  • R&D Department created in Bulgaria

  • FAAC establishes Parking Division


  • The DOS-based BCN Parking System is created



  • Manufacturing begins in Bulgaria


  • The DOS-based BCN Parking System becomes a Windows-based system

  • Zeag introduces Orion product range

  • Foundation of Zeag Canada


  • First DP7000 Installation in Australia

  • Datapark purchases and opens a new manufacturing plant in Bulgaria

  • Hallmark acquires Zeag and merges it with PES Ltd


  • First international installation in Chile, Iquique (Plaza Prat)


  • FAAC introduces Paragon & Parklite ranges


  • Datapark launches DP7100 and DP7200 B2B Pay Stations

  • Major installation in the Euroma2 shopping Mall (26 pay stations) in Italy

  • Zeag introduces OrionXR product range


  • Datapark participates in World recognized SFParks with City of San Francisco, USA

  • Datapark creates first Web-Based Validation

  • Major airport installation in New Delhi, India

  • FAAC Group acquires CLEMSA in Spain


  • Datapark introduces DP2600 Controller Board

  • First Implementation of Dynamic Based Pricing

  • FAAC Group acquires Zeag Group  

  • First major installation in an Amusement Park: Rainbow Magicland, Valmontone (Rome)


  • Datapark Launches First Ticketless System in Australia

  • Launch of Parkplus Product range 

  • FAAC Group acquires Datapark Inc.  

  • FAAC creates Parking Business Unit

  • HUB Parking Technology becomes the new name for the FAAC Parking Business Unit


  • Acquisition of Olmi Impianti and Nextec Srl

  • Foundation of HUB Italia

  • Acquisition of CTR Parking Systems in the USA


  • Acquisition of PTRS Australia  

  • Launch of the newly branded HUB product ranges


  • Constitution of HUB Gulf LLC

  • Constitution of HUB Turkey, HUB France, and HUB Spain commercial offices


  • Launch of JPass mobile application


  • New HQs in Italy and in the USA with ample open workspace fostering collaboration and innovation


  • Launch of JMS, new management software


  • Jupiter product range enters the market

  • FAAC Group acquires Parclick


  • Launch of JMS Cloud, HUB's SaaS solution

  • FAAC Group acquires TIBA Parking Systems, adding another PARCS product line in North America


  • FAAC Group releases new brand identity and name, evolving into FAAC Technologies