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integrated, value-added smart parking solutions

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HUB Parking Technology

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HUB Parking Technology

JMS, the intuitive and versatile software solution

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HUB Parking Technology

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Integrated, value-added smart parking solutions +


HUB Parking Technology is a leading specialist in parking solutions. Our business thrives through providing better parking solutions.

Integrated, value-added smart parking solutions +


The simple and versatile HUB software solution

JMS Janus Management System is a Cloud ready, Web based Parking Management System, easy and user-friendly which allows you to manage multiple parking locations and different types of HUB equipment


Welcome to the HUB world

HUB Parking Technology delivers the flexibility, professional expertise and close personal service of a local company, together with all the capabilities, network and strength of a global player.

  • 10.000 Installations worldwide
  • 500+ Employees in the world
  • 100 Years of combined experience
  • 2 Factories
  • Disciplinated product management
  • 24/7 Service
  • Exceptional durability &
    backwards compatibility
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