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Run your parking facility efficiently thanks to top-notch technologies.
Our flexible and dependable solutions are customized to adapt to any specific requirements, while enhancing your business profitability.

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We are constantly leveraging advanced technologies to ease the management of your parking facility and to enable new business opportunities, while providing our expertise as long-lasting support.

Reliable and lasting solutions

Keep your business under control thanks to a combination of dependable Software and Hardware solutions.  

Our digital services blend a cutting-edge Parking Management System, JMS, and other applications for new business opportunities and an improved customer experience. HUB’s full stack solutions are the natural consequence of 100 years of combined experience and can count on the competence of an international team of experts. 

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Let’s be clear: there is no absolute best equipment.
Our experts will take care of your own parking needs to provide your assets with accurate value-added solutions. 

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