Ground Transportation System (GTS)

The implementation of a Ground Transportation System (GTS) requires a responsive facility management software and devices onboard all commercial vehicles.

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In North America, major international airports and smaller regional hubs provide services for travelers who choose large-scale airway companies, along with charter airlines and general aviation. Regardless of their proximity to city center, airports are expected to provide a multi-modal transportation hub and offer travelers a number of handy ground transportation options.

How does Ground Transportation work?

Commercial ground transportation services include taxi cabs, limousines, shared-ride services, transportation network companies, courtesy vehicles, buses, and vans.

Commercial vehicles usually drive through a dedicated Ground Transportation area upon request and authentication, in light of the high security requirements of airport properties.

The implementation of a comprehensive Ground Transportation System (GTS) requires a responsive facility management software and devices onboard all commercial vehicles, such as AVI transponders and proximity cards working in tandem to ensure the provision of safe, comfortable, easy-to-use, and efficient service.

In fact, vehicles are associated with access media, including AVI transponders and proximity cards, which are utilized to authenticate and subsequently bill/charge an account.

The software can activate gates, allowing entry and exit in specific areas of the airport property, and each account is billed based on rate of use within the facility. The GTS ultimately helps streamlining business operations because it enables the facility staff to dispatch, monitor, track, control, charge fees and record commercial vehicle operations.

Why choosing Ground Transportation?

Ground Transportation System allow airport parking facilities to track, manage and bill off-airport companies for the use of their property.

The shift to this advanced system is proven to improve automated dispatching processes, the management and control of on-demand Taxi, Limousine services and Charter Buses, and the operators’ access throughout the airport. GTS can also provide Ad Hoc reporting, monitoring of capacity at any given time and it eliminates driver’s pass and enforcement inefficiencies. As a result, customer service improves by increasing security levels and providing guaranteed taxi availability.

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