OAKLAND Lakeside Business Center

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problem statement

Lakeside is a large business center inhabiting a one-block area in downtown Oakland, California and is served by a five-level above ground parking garage providing 1,339 parking spaces.

Oakland Lakeside business centerThe site had an existing parking access and revenue control system that was aging and in need of modernization. The ideal replacement would be a more contemporary, fully integrated system capable of elevating the customer experience, enhancing the revenue control, and allowing the system to expand seamlessly toward future technology.

Lakeside needed a way to segment available parking to more efficiently cater to the business tenants in the building and the transient parkers visiting retail establishments, businesses and various events.

Specifically, the segmentation would involve separating the current five level parking garage into four separate garages with two levels catering to transient parking, and three levels offering separate, nested parking areas for various controlled access group levels and monthly parkers.


The city of Oakland serves as a trade center for the San Francisco Bay Area, is the fifth busiest port in the US and experiencing increasing suburban development. When the 28-story office building in Oakland was completed in 1960, Lakeside was the largest office tower west of the Rocky Mountains.

Oakland Lakeside business centerThe building stands now as a masterpiece of contemporary, mid-century modern architecture providing tenants with a first class, full service business environment, as well as spectacular views of the San Francisco Bay and skyline, Lake Merritt, and the Oakland hills. The tower has an additional three-story mixed use, office/retail building adjacent to it and a five-story, 1,339-space parking structure, featuring a magnificent, 3.5-acre rooftop garden situated above the parking garage.

Owned by the Swig Company, LLC and professionally managed by Impark, Lakeside is dedicated to sustainability and received LEED Certification for Existing Building: Operations and Maintenance, at the Platinum level, in 2017.

client requirements

  • Pay on Foot System (entry/exit and pay station components)
  • Proximity capabilities with option of AVI or LPR technology
  • Multiple options for electronic payment, including cashless, credit card, pre-paid parking and more
  • IP-based CCTV monitoring of access and egress points as well as of the pay stations
  • Seamless integration of site parking revenue transaction system software with Impark-wide finance, camera and computer systems
  • IP camera equipment for remote viewing and local recording with remote viewing access of the footage
  • IP Intercoms for remote and on-site assistance
  • Discount tenant parking managed by access card
  • Incorporation of online reservations from Spot Hero and Parking Panda
  • Real-time validation of online reservations and hard anti-pass back control for said reservations
  • Tenant validation system using online or offline validation
  • Online/web accessed reporting of all revenues, ticket information, and real-time garage occupancy



Lakeside parking garage is professionally managed by Impark, and fully equipped by HUB Parking Technology. The five-level garage has three access points for excellent traffic flow and control, and it offers a variety of parking options to building occupants and visitors: short term, hourly, daily, monthly (reserved or non-reserved).

Oakland Lakeside HUB ParkingHUB designed and installed a technologically advanced solution, starting from the rationalization of the layout: it implied the separation of the five-level parking garage into four separate garages, to better serve transient parkers and various groups of monthly parkers.

Transient parkers may enter and exit the garage at level A plaza and enter only at level B plaza. Payment may be made at any of the four pay-on-foot pay stations strategically located near the elevator lobbies on levels A and B, decreasing egress time (and vehicle emissions), or with credit card at the exit lane.

All monthly parkers enter and exit at level C plaza. HUB created three separate nested areas for monthly parker levels C, D, and E by installing gates on all of the up/down ramps. Access to the various levels is controlled via monthly parker proximity cards.

The parking solution is also distinctively flexible, as it has provided flawless incorporation of online reservations from widely-used Spot Hero and Parking Panda apps; at the same time, it is also expandable to others without reprogramming the relevant costs.

While there is no question that the HUB system has met all the Client requirements from a technical and operations standpoint, it is the overall reliability of the HUB system that continues to please all parties. Once past the initial setup and testing phase of the project, the succeeding six plus months of operation have seen literally zero service calls for down equipment or system issues.

HUB factory-trained service engineers are ready to support the system and help facility management personnel maintain smooth and consistent operation, maximizing both the life and performance of the system while protecting their investment.The HUB parking solution will enable Lakeside to scale and include additional functionalities, easily accommodating any future requirements.

Oakland Lakeside business center

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