Sharm El Sheikh International Airport (SSH)

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problem statement

Sharm El Sheikh International airport (SSH) is the third-busiest airport in Egypt, and it serves the city of Sharm as well as the Sinai Peninsula’s historic and natural sightseeing attractions.

As part of the Egyptian Airports Company plans to increase the airport capacity by two million passengers per year, the parking services needed a rationalized new system. In 2022, the airport management turned to Hi Tech Nour, a longtime partner of HUB Parking, considering its decennial experience with parking projects and renowned local references, to design and deploy a flexible parking system comprising of 5,000 new spaces.

As the number of tourists visiting the resort city is rising, during winter in particular. the airport management chose Jupiter future-proof parking system providing stress-free ingress and egress to all users, smooth and secure movement, and modular scalability to accommodate future upgrades and terminal expansions.


parking lanes at Sharm El Sheikh airportSharm El Sheikh is the Sinai Peninsula's major tourism center and one of the world's top diving destinations. Most vacationers who transit through the International Airport do so as part of organized tour groups or business travelers, thus enjoying either the long-term or short-term parking facilities.

Over the course of approx. 4 weeks, the civil works to equip the new 5,000-space car park were completed right in time for the winter season, which is a favorite for family holidays. The new structure now caters to visitors, employees, and private transport companies - including tourist buses – across 8 gated lanes, in full compliance with the energy saving requirements of the city.

All vehicle transits to and from the two passenger terminals are monitored from a single point, through JMS.

client requirements

  • Scalable, compact, and efficient Jupiter parking units
  • User-friendly parking management system to enable SSH staff to monitor all stations in real time
  • Special length barrier gates B680H, with energy-saving features to comply with the city requirements
  • Long range reader system for airport staff access
  • Four manned payment points, with tariff diversification and receipt printers 
  • Customization of the parking ticket with advertising message on the back
  • Customization of the cabinet hardware in white color
  • System instructions in Arabic  
  • Prompt technical assistance upon request
  • Full maintenance contract with Hi Tech Nour


HUB Parking Technology and Hi Tech Nour (HTN) are long-time partners, succeeding in a number of varied projects across Egypt: the field-proven reliability of the system and the local technical assistance factored in the choice of SSH airport.

With the support of Dubai-based HUB team, Hi Tech Nour completed the installation and commissioning of the Jupiter solution in four weeks. The system is designed to provide users with a streamlined and stress-free parking experience, thanks to advanced automation, efficient way-finding, and punctual customer service.

long range readers and customized white cabinetsAll parking lanes are gated: for drivers, entry is ticketed and fully automated, while payment and exit are performed through a manned touchpoint. Employees transit through lanes is even smoother, thanks to long range readers by Nedap – thus avoiding the risk of queues, and streamlining the traffic.

Due the solid popularity of Sharm El Sheikh resort area among vacationers, the traffic is consistent throughout the year, especially with private transport companies and tourist buses. The gated lanes are specifically designed to facilitate the transit of larger vehicles, thanks to ample space for the curve radius, longer barrier arms (up to 5 meters) by FAAC.

All vehicle transits to and from the two passenger terminals are monitored from a centralized service point, through JMS software solution. Its intuitive interface and advanced reporting capabilities enable SSH parking staff to manage operations in real time, optimize assistance, and be ready to scale or integrate with third-party platforms whenever this might be required. 

Current state reporting and analysis of operational data are just a few clicks away: occupancy monitoring, occupancy break down with monthly, transient, commercial, and other customers data enable a greater operational efficiency and excellent customer service.


"We chose HUB Parking Technology to manage easily and securely our 5000+ parking spaces, and to ensure that our users do no longer stress about the parking: the access and payment are extremely easy and smooth. From our standpoint, the equipment robustness, 24/7 support from HTN and the digital access to all parking operational data make the management of the lots extremely flexible and efficient.

We chose HUB Parking Technology to renew the parking facility of the airport at its best, and to make our user experience as smooth as possible."

Essam Ali, Project Engineer - Sharm El Sheikh Airport

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