LNER Stations, UK

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problem statement

LNER user with LNER parking app can reserve a parking space in advanceHUB Parking Technology has implemented a new contactless parking system for London North Eastern Railway (LNER) across the East Coast route in the UK, enabling a completely contactless journey from door to door.

Over the 11 train stations of the route, there were various constraints and constrictions. From outdated infrastructure, new build car parks to collapsed ducts, section 106 orders and local demographics, each site had its own unique requirements and challenges.

The car park is the first and last memory that travelers get of their experience with LNER, though not all travelers are – and behave - the same. HUB UK team had to assess how to distribute the new technology across the various locations: with the network spanning from London up to Scotland, the users demographics change in a significant way, which has demanded to focus on understanding how the technology would actually (and differently) be used in every location.


LNER runs up and down the East Coast mainline from busy London up the east side of England. The company is geared towards delivering great experiences for passengers, colleagues, and communities. In 2019, 21.2 million passengers used the LNER network.

Over the years, the investments in the UK rail infrastructure have been predominantly around the experience on the actual platform and commercial services: from introducing b2b partners, through to VIP facilities, waiting rooms, toilet facilities, and into the information technology that would facilitate the delivery of these services.

LNER decided to invest in the upgrade and future proofing of the first and last touchpoint of the station, that is the parking infrastructure, and the pandemic escalated the decision to provide contactless and touchless services to their users. 

client requirements

  • Contactless configurations to increase travelers’ safety
  • Mobile app for booking, access, and payment
  • LPR camera-based entry and exit
  • Compliance with each station specific infrastructure requirements
  • Customized reporting, to facilitate advanced analytics and provide user insight
  • Remote troubleshooting and assistance
  • Flexible modular system, to accommodate future updates and expansions
  • Staff education program about the new technology and management system


some of LNER station car parks are equipped with a barriered parking systemHUB parking solution has complemented LNER infrastructure and intermodal transport system, supporting their vision for the future: a free flow, contactless environment.

Car parks at all 11 LNER managed stations now rely an advanced system of License Plate Recognition (LPR), comprising of cameras on entry and exit that are integrated to JMS software system.

Customers are able to pre‐book their car parking space via a new LNER Parking App and on the LNER website, taking away any stress of trying to find a spot on the day of travel.

Customers exiting the car parks are able to pay via contactless card, or via the LNER Parking App powered by HUB, which allows customers to leave automatically via LPR, or simply by showing their payment confirmed QR code at the barrier.

Two system types are offered, depending on local requirements and user habits: barriered and barrierless transit.

The ticketless free flow (barrierless) system comprises of cameras on entry and exit, which detect and pass on registration numbers to the JMS software system allowing a fee to be calculated and a charge applied. Access and egress are enabled via the LNER parking app powered by HUB’s JPass mobile solution.

The ticketless barriered system comprise of a LPR camera and barrier on entry, and a camera, barrier and ticket machine on exit. Exit is allowed once payment has been made at a pay station, at the exit or via the LNER parking app.

The parking app fully embodies LNER branding, and it is powered by JPass: a mobile solution available for HUB parking systems that is fully integrated with JMS and offers end customer parking reservation services.

Car drivers can be guided to the most convenient parking location, and autonomously get transient tickets, buy or import subscriptions, perform bookings and payments.

Through creating a partnership approach, HUB Parking Technology has enabled LNER to improve the parking experience for their customers, and fully utilizing the potential of the parking assets by providing analytics and insights into user patterns. The flexibility and future proof nature of the system ensures that LNER will be able to adapt and grow with new technology.

“We are committed to making travel simpler and smarter so this new car parking system combined with our mobile ticket app will mean that customers can complete the whole of their journey without the need of a physical ticket or having to use a payment machine. We also believe this will help give customers greater confidence when they travel by removing the need to contact equipment often touched by many people.”

Claire Ansley, Director of Customer Experience at LNER