LAX Airport Economy Parking, Los Angeles

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problem statement

Los Angeles International airport (LAX) is operated by Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) and totals over 48 million passengers per year (88 million pre-covid). To suit the needs of such a high volume and variety of travelers, LAX offers different styles of parking through 20 different lots. 

LAX Economy Parking is the largest and newest parking garage among them. The new structure, known as the “Intermodal Transportation Facility-West” during construction, was the first major component of LAX’s $5.5 billion Landside Access Modernization Program (LAMP) to be completed, at the end of 2021.

The airport management was looking for a future-proof system that could provide stress-free ingress and egress as well as smooth and secure movement through the floors, not only in the following months, but scalable to accommodate future upgrades and expansions. 

Pre-booking to reserve parking was also required for the peak periods of the holidays and LA main events, which dramatically increase traffic to the airport parking facility. 


LAX is the third largest airport in the world, and LAX Economy Parking is its largest parking garage. The 1.7-million-square-foot facility has approximately 4,300 new parking stalls located a half mile from the LAX Central Terminal Area (CTA).

LAX airport offers a world-class mobility experience, connecting people to convenient and sustainable transportation options for every journey, whether they visit, live, or work in LA. The new parking garage is part of LAWA mission to collaboratively develop and implement a holistic mobility strategy to move people and goods to, through and from LAX.

LAX has parking spaces to suit all budgets and trip durations, and offers special discounts and promotions for pre-booking. Travelers can book their parking 365 days in advance, up to just 6 hours before the arrival.  Such a flexible offering requires an extremely reliable booking solution: in this case, it is the Aeroparker pre-booking platform on website.

entrance of LAX Economy Parking garage

client requirements

  • Scalable and efficient PCI-compliant parking units
  • Touchless entry and exit
  • Advanced management system
  • Web validation system for merchants
  • 7-year comprehensive assistance contract managed by HUB’s California team
  • Integration with ABM parking operator platform TCS
  • Integration with pre-booking solution by Aeroparker   
  • Integration with camera-based parking guidance system by ParkSol  
  • Integration with smart sensors by ParkAssist
  • Integration with valet solution by AVPMI for a premium customer experience
  • Integration with EV Charging solution by Power Flex


The Smart Parking System installed by HUB was designed to provide users with a streamlined, stress-free parking experience with reduced congestion, advance parking reservations and efficient way-finding. 

The garage is the result of a scrupulous design and construction project that included Swinerton Builders, ABM Industries, and HUB Parking Technology USA. The HUB Team has worked closely with Park Assist in order to integrate their M4 smart sensors with our management system JMS, and ensure their data would be fed to the Parking Guidance System (PGS) and VMS panels that seamlessly guide drivers along the four floors of the facility.

The driver’s journey is smooth and streamlined. It includes pre-booked parking for discounted rates, ample electric vehicle charging (nearly 1,600 stalls), and automatic entry and exit. The introduction of smart parking technology gives travelers the ability to reserve a space in advance, via the Aeroparker pre-booking platform on

Online pre-booking will also offer initial discounts up to 70% off pre-book rates with dynamic pricing that will be based on availability and the amount of time booked in advance. This strategic approach is fully enabled by JMS system, as it is based on real-time data.

Employee parking will be handled through HUB’s JPass digital solution and allows contract parkers to reserve and pay for their parking privileges via the mobile app, eliminating the need to interact with parking staff.

LAX Economy Parking staff has been trained for JMS both remotely and with live classes by the HUB Solutions Engineering team, to master all of the system’s advanced capabilities: real-time monitoring and assistance, business intelligence, customized reporting, and dynamic charging among others.

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