Cala del Forte Marina, Italy

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problem statement

entrance of car park at the marina Cala del ForteCala del Forte marina, owned by Monaco Ports is located in Ventimiglia (Italy), only 15 minutes from the Principality of Monaco (7.9 nautical miles).

Cala del Forte offers 5 stars services parking included with 178 berths from 6,5m up to 70+ meters and 31 shops with restaurants, shipchandler, gym, shipyard and service points, thus generating a constant flow of vehicle traffic in and out.

In designing its parking facilities, the marina prioritized the construction of a straightforward guidance system in order to minimize delays in the flow, the highest degree of openness to integrate contactless features (both for vehicle access and for payment) as well as the advanced monitoring and reporting capabilities of the management system.


Ventimiglia and its surroundings stand out as one of Northern Italy’s most sought-after tourist destinations due to smooth weather conditions all year round. “Cala del Forte” has been the first step of Ventimiglia’s major urban regeneration project, that aims at honoring the past rich in history, art, architecture and tradition of this seaside town. Cala del Forte provides the most comfortable access to the boatyard and retail areas. The systems are able to cater for a mix of permit holders and transient visitors, and the automated pay station gives them increased flexibility in deciding how long they use the car park for.

client requirements

  • Regulated and automated access to pre-mooring parking facilities
  • Efficient and robust system with elegant design
  • Position Guidance System (PGS) with intelligent sensors
  • 24/7 driver assistance via intercom, also touchless
  • Contactless payments with credit card and NFC
  • Advanced facility performance monitoring and reporting capabilities
  • Discounts and vouchers with the J4M Merchant solution 
  • Integration of occupancy sensors and security cameras into JMS


the stunning marina at Cala del Forte seen from the seaThe stunning marina was inaugurated on July 2nd, 2021 to the presence of H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco. The port's 582 parking spaces were officially opened to the public on November 24th 2021, to the presence of the Ventimiglia Mayor and the Cala del Forte management. Out of the total spaces, 120 are indoor parking stalls reserved for the public, while the remaining 110 are located at street level, and include a few for electric cars that will be shortly made available.
226 spaces are meant for berth owners and 46 for the marina's commercial activities. Short term parking spots to load and unload the vehicles are also available in the quay area, to ensure that all operations are flawless and traffic flows do not cause any access delay.
The parking control system is fully automated, and beautifully designed to perfectly blend into the site. Jupiter devices provide a stable, efficient, and scalable system that complies with the site high quality and safety standards: all stations are in fact equipped with “just wave” areas that trigger the ticket without the need for physical touch (touchless configuration). Same goes with the assistance call: no button to press, in order to activate a direct call and receive assistance on the spot.

Cash payment is allowed, as well as by debit cards, Visa and Mastercard credit cards - to best suit everyone's preferences. Contactless payment is of course included, to offer even less touch interaction with the units and elevate the guest experience.

The process of payment is smooth and quick for the user, whilst giving Cala Del Forte some great reporting data in order to better monitor the car park activities and get the most out of their parking asset.

When it comes to tariffs, the first hour is always free of charge. After that, daily rates apply according to the tariff scheme that is set up through JMS management platform. Customer assistance is guaranteed 24/7 by the security service and by the mooring staff. To top it off, the Cala del Forte parking area is equipped with security cameras, for an extra layer of safety: the closed-circuit visualization is integrated with JMS, so that the staff is able to monitor the status of the site at any time.

The Jupiter system is scalable and future-proof, to accommodate further integrations and expansions over time.


We are able to take data-driven decisions and optimize our parking policies, thanks to the spot-on reporting capabilities of HUB management software. Provide a touchless and safe access to the marina, target high peak issues and unlock the car park business potential – that is, embodying the essence of Smart Parking at its fullest.”  says Marco Cornacchia, Marina Manager at Cala Del Forte.

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