DP3200 Scrolling Sign

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DP3200 Scrolling Signdescription

4” Ultra-Bright Scrolling Sign Outdoor: DP3200 is designed for displaying advertising information and directing traffic in a parking facility.
4” Up to 16 Character, Single Color.

DP3200 Scrolling Signtechnical data
  • 4” Ultra Bright Scrolling Sign x 12 Characters
DP3200 Scrolling Signfeatures
  • Characters: 4” (101,6 mm)
  • Dimensions: 
    31 1/5” (800 mm) to 61 23/32” (1568 mm) W
    5,7” (144,78 mm) H
DP3200 Scrolling Signoptions
  • Entry Station Mounting Kit
  • Sunlight Protective Visor
    DP3200 4” Ultra-Bright Scrolling Sign Outdoor

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