ZLCD2 - Maxi Proximity Readerdescription

The DP1420 Lane Controller is a modification of the DP1400 series lane controllers that allow for the use of Maxi Proximity readers that greatly improve the reading range for proximity cards. 

ZLCD2 - Maxi Proximity Readertechnical data
  • Maxi Reader/Barcode Housing & Pedestal
  • Controller Board
  • Graphic Display
  • Built-In Power Supply
ZLCD2 - Maxi Proximity Readerfeatures
  • Dimensions:
    16 10/16” W x  13  6/16” L x 51 3/16” H
    423mm W x 340mm L x 1308mm H
  • Power Consumption: 105W
ZLCD2 - Maxi Proximity Readeroptions
  • OEM Barcode Scanner
  • IP Camera
  • Maxi-Prox Reader    
  • Numeric Key Pad
  • Intercom

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