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problem statement

Grandi Stazioni Rail SpA has the aim of redeveloping, enhancing and managing the fourteen major Italian railway stations. Grandi Stazioni Rail enhances and reinvents the public space, transforming the property complexes of the biggest stations in “town squares”. Stations are transforming, from anonymous places of transit to service centers among the most crowded in Europe, meeting places, shopping malls, locations for arts, events and culture.

One of the key services of a station, seen as a functional interchange terminal, is the parking experience for the user. Grandi Stazioni Rail wants to turn the travel experience, right from the arrival at the station, into a daily, seamless operation. Allowing users to park their car quickly and conveniently close to the tracks plays a predominant factor in this process.

The need to offer this service in a structured and automated manner occurred during the renovation of the stations of Verona Porta Nuova, Genova Piazza Principe, Genova Brignole, Venezia Mestre and Torino Porta Nuova - all located in the north of Italy. Simultaneously, there was a need to monitor the parking systems from a single control room, in all its technical, economical and statistical parameters, in order to guarantee a high-level of service. 


A smart and flawless parking solution was mandatory to modernize the railway stations:

Verona Porta Nuova Station
Verona Porta Nuova train station is not only the main link between Verona and the main Venetian hinterland provinces, but also the gateway to the city center. With 28 million visitors per year and 300 trains in transit every day, the need for a flawless parking solution was mandatory. 

Genova Piazza Principe Station
Genova Piazza Principe is the main train station of the city and real hub of city transport, accommodating 74,000 visitors a day with 3,500 square meters of commercial surface. During its renovations, specific attention was paid to the parking lot situation.

Genova Brignole Station
Genova Brignole is the second largest station in the city of Genova and place of heavy city transit. The station is located at the foot of Colle Montesano and a short walk from the center. With 24 million visitors per year and 200 trains in transit every day, it needed a smart and simple parking solution. 

Venezia Mestre Station

In the heart of north-eastern Italy, Venezia Mestre is just few minutes away from beautiful Venice and reaches 31 million visitors per year, moving on more than 500 trains per day.

Torino Porta Nuova Station

Torino Porta Nuova is the third largest station in Italy, accommodating more than 192,000 visitors a day with 9,800 square meters of commercial surface.       

The geographical location of the five stations in the heart of the city requires the management of the parking areas to be easily available to the travelers. The perfect handling of the parking lots is crucial to  avoid interference with the daily need for parking spaces in the rest of the city.

Twenty four-hour monitoring of all aspects of the parking lots from a single control room, in all their aspects is a fundamental requirement. Being able to manage them through a single application was an achievement that HUB made possible.

client requirements

  • Grandi Stazioni Italy HUB ParkingA reliable parking system, scalable and easy to manage
  • Full remote control of the parking systems
  • A single software platform that can manage and monitor alarms of all five parking areas
  • Multi-user access to the software platform with roles and freely customizable user interfaces
  • Customizable transient and seasonal tickets. Possibility to renew them at pay stations
  • Ability to allow the customer to use their seasonal card in different stations
  • Simple and straightforward administration


HUB Parking Technology has automated five parking areas with a ParQube solution, installing 30 devices ranging from Lane Entry and Lane Exit peripherals to Ticket Readers and Automated Pay Stations, up to centralized monitoring in the Control Room through the JMS Janus Managment System. HUB solutions offer travelers an affordable, easy-to-use and simple process to make parking a stress-free experience. Professionals, operators' technicians and administrative staff are able to work with a functional interface that makes fulfilling daily operations easy for them as well as staff employees with limited parking management experience.
HUB Parking Technology, thanks to its widespread presence, experience and professionalism, was able to provide Grandi Stazioni Rail SpA with top-level service, ensuring total support to the customer in order to grant 24/7 smooth operations.

Grandi Stazioni Italy HUB Parking ParQube installation

HUB’s JMS, the management platform installed in the five train stations and in the centralized control room, allows the customer to monitor the parking areas 24/7 from any web-connected devices such as PCs, smartphones and tablets. The real-time data streaming gives the parking operator control, via video and intercom, of the status of the parking lots. Among the most appreciated features of HUB systems is the flexibility to allow of future upgrades, giving the customer the opportunity to choose among our three brands of parking peripherals in case they might need to expand, modify or further improve the parking solutions offered to their customers.

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