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problem statement

The complex of iconic Nation Towers marks a stunning addition to Abu Dhabi skyline, thus setting apart the southern end of the Corniche area.

It comprises of two skyscrapers connected by one of the highest sky bridges in the world, which gives visitors breathtaking views of the city and the gulf from 202.5 meters above sea level.

The buildings feature an outstanding array of loft apartments, services and recreational amenities: business offices, a shopping mall, a multi-floor movie theater, a five star hotel, luxury boutique shops and a Lamborghini showroom – thus attracting thousands of visitors on a daily basis.

In order to ease the search of parking and offer a smooth access and exit to both occasional customers and residents, the Nation Towers management has demanded a smart parking solution easy to use and maintain, and backed by 24/7 support to ensure the utmost availability and uninterrupted operation


ParQube solutions HUB Parking Abu Dhabi Nation TowersA leader in Abu Dhabi business environment, the skyscrapers’ owner ICT, International Capital Trading engaged local operator Zone Parking LLC in order to complete the world class complex with a state-of-the-art and very stable parking solution, in order to grant the Nation Towers residents, employees and visitors a flawless access to the new two-floor parking lot located at the ground and mezzanine floors of the commercial tower.

In light of the high flow and variety of users going through the premises, the management has divided the car park into several specific areas and requested a quick and efficient access solution that could easily differentiate the recurrent users (residents and employees) from the transient users (customers).

HUB Parking Technology provided a parking system solution capable of meeting the specific needs of Nation Towers and elevate the user experience, thanks to high quality equipment and top-level technology.

client requirements

  • Pleasant, convenient and easy-to-access parking lots for customers, including a proximity card reading system with 3rd party AVI long-range readers and cashless options
  • Reliable and scalable equipment, able to simplify the access to parking lots
  • 3 validation points inside of the facility to offer parking discounts to the customers of the mall, cinemas, boutiques and restaurants
  • Management system able to control all the parking services and technologies installed, offering a wide range of performance reporting
  • Dedicated areas for exclusive parking and higher comfort of recurrent users
  • Flawless integration with 3rd party long-range readers
  • 24/7 enhanced security for visitors and residents’parking


HUB Parking Technology partnered with operator Zone Parking in order to deploy a comprehensive and flexible ParQube solution comprised of over 10 residents/office lanes, 8 entry and exit units, 18 pay stations, 18 barriers certified for 10-million cycles, 3 validation points and the advanced management system to monitor and handle the entire installation holistically. The project underwent several phases that brought the total count of parking spaces managed through HUB peripherals to 39, over an installation period of just 8 weeks.

ParQube peripherals HUB Parking Abu Dhabi Nation TowersHands-free access to parking spaces is granted to Nation Towers’ residents and recurrent users, whose access proximity cards are read by the AVI long-range readers installed at the dedicated lanes. Transient users are offered an equally quick and outstanding service from the very first moment they enter Nation Towers’ parking premises, to reach any of the exclusive services and businesses. All of the lane stations are supervised with CCTV cameras and fitted with Intercoms, so as to grant all drivers 24/7 security and full support.

Following the installation, HUB was assigned an AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract), fully comprehensive of spare parts and call-out agreement with Zone Parking LLC: such a forward-looking assistance service empowers the operator’s management to run the entire facility smoothly and continuously, maximizing the life and performance of the system while protecting the client’s investment.

The flexibility and high scalability of the installed system make it possible to swiftly upgrade the total solution by integrating 3rd party services and install LPR cameras at the parking entrances, further pinpointing the vehicle flow with additional cameras installed at every floor.

Abu Dhabi Nation Towers

“The solution proposed at Nation Towers was designed to offer to visitors and residents a smooth access to the Towers. The system installed by HUB Parking Technology and operated by Zone Parking grants users a stress-free access to the parking lots, so they can completely relax and enjoy their time at the Towers. We look forward to assessing further technical and digital advancements, to guarantee the highest level of customer satisfaction,” says Rita Pryke, Head of Property Management and Leasing at International Trading Capital.

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