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problem statement

Iguatemi Shopping Mall, located in Fortaleza, is the second largest mall in the Brazilian region of Ceará. It sits on a total area of 238.103 square meters, 92.000 of which are leasable and have more than 480 different stores, 3 food courts, 12 movie theaters and 12 mega stores welcoming 1.500.000 customers every month. Inaugurated in April 1982, Iguatemi Fortaleza has undergone several expansions, the last one was completed in 2015 and brought the shopping mall to its current size, further reinforcing its status as an icon for the city and the whole region of Ceará. Parking is a crucial factor of the customer experience at Iguatemi Fortaleza.

With a very high amount of monthly visits and 6.700 park-ing stalls, Iguatemi requires a top level parking system able to fully integrate with the technologies in place at the mall to avoid any kind of nuisance to the customers.


Every day an average of 50.000 customers visit the stores, restaurants, cinemas and premises of Iguatemi Fortaleza mall, fully embracing its extensive leisure offer.
This amount of traffic requires an advanced parking facility, able to manage the continuous flow of customers without downtime and complications.

HUB Parking installation Fortaleza Iguatemi Shopping MallA flexible and easy to use total solution which is able to manage and monitor the parking operations was fundamental to guarantee the highest level of customer satisfaction, avoiding the build-up of queues and waiting time for entering and exiting the premises.
The mall management requested a reliable solution able to easily handle the complexity of such a project and to provide flexibility for future needs if an expansion of the system becomes necessary.

The management awarded the project to HUB Parking Technology because of the characteristics of its ZEAG peripherals, which are able to withstand high levels of traffic and can be interfaced with 3rd party systems: both on the back end side, for the management, and front end, for the customers.

The ZEAG range can also be extended and upgraded at any time thanks to its backward compatibility, granting Iguatemi full flexibility of their parking lot for future enlargements of the mall.

client requirements

  • Efficient and reliable parking system able to simplify the access to the parking lots
  • Modular structure able to be extended and configured to meet the ever changing needs of the shopping mall
  • AVI long range readers to allow flawless entry and exit to the parking premises
  • Mobile payment solution able to integrate with the existing Iguatemi Fortaleza mobile application
  • A management system able to control and manage these features


HUB Parking Technology, installed a tailored solution composed of over 60 ZEAG peripherals, at Iguatemi Fortaleza shopping mall, that simplifies the management of the parking lot for the operators and improve the experience for the customers.

HUB Parking ZEAG peripherals Iguatemi shopping mall FortalezaThe different peripherals are managed through HUB Parking Technology’s Revenue Control Management System: ZMS, is able to offer real time status information and alarms, enhanced reporting and monitoring of every single event on the parking, full configuration of tariffs and counters, individual management of operators access rights and, last but not least, can be interfaced to every system or application that the customer has in place, from SAP systems, to mobile applications and many more, allowing the parking manager to fine tune the system according to his needs. Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance at Iguatemi Fortaleza, and the management has found HUB to be an accountable partner to improve it.

Thanks to the collaboration with HUB Parking, the shopping mall is now able to offer the advantage of hands-free access to the parking lots with Passe Já. Customers can purchase the Passe Já sticker and attach it in their car, allowing them to enter the Igua-temi parking lot, without stopping for a ticket.
This AVI technology integrated in ZEAG peripherals is a quick and handy solution, likewise the mobile payment which can be done through the Iguatemi Fortaleza app.
HUB Parking Technology has been able to implement a payment feature in the shopping mall mobile application offering customers of Iguatemi the opportunity to set up their preferred payment method so that they can comfortably pay their parking fare through their smartphone, allowing customers to skip waiting time at the automated pay stations or cashier desks.

With these smart solutions, the parking facilities’ throughput has been dramatically improved.
Now Iguatemi Fortaleza delights customers with a premium, quality service from the very first moment they enter the premises, thanks to the flawless parking experience that HUB offers.
Enjoying a day of shopping at one of the biggest malls in Brazil has never been so pleasant!

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