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exut at westfield with ticketless hybridIn 2018 HUB Parking UK designed and installed a highly tailored and digitally advanced parking solution at both Westfield sites: Stratford City first, then London. On these sites, the reporting options are customizable, in so far as JMS business intelligence integrates operational data from the parking equipment, the mobile payment options as well as the third-party services that are integrated.
As testament of the forward thinking of the company and their partnership, in 2021 the progress to a full ticketless system was fulfilled first at Westfield London and will be rolled out to Westfield Stratford imminently.
The ticketless system integrates with 3rd party providers, Smart Parking and Park Assist who worked closely with HUB to create and implement the software update to make the system fully functional in January 2021.

It uses license plate recognition technology (LPR, or ANPR) to identify vehicles on entry to the car park, the end user experiences a smooth, seamless experience, and the 8,000 transactions daily have become paperless.


Westfield peripherals and barriers HUB ParkingUnibail-Rodamco-Westfield owns and operates 102 shopping centres across 12 countries.
Since its opening in 2008, Westfield London has transformed London’s retail landscape, with a unique blend of fashion, beauty, dining, leisure and entertainment, just three miles from the West End. Westfield London is now the largest shopping centre in Europe at 2.6m square feet.
Westfield Stratford City opened in September 2011. The development comprises approx. 1.9m square feet of retail and leisure. It also features 1.1m square feet of current and future office space, as well as three hotels and 1,200 new homes which will be delivered in future phases.  
The sites’ parking operations are monitored from a single control room through JMS Janus Management System, which allows Westfield parking staff to easily access a dynamic and adaptable set of real-time information from all parking lots, and generate complex and rich statistical analyses of both.



ticketless card payment at automated parkingLPR (aka ANPR) is the ultimate technology for the identification and flawless access of vehicles to car parks. The license plate serves as a virtual ticket, and grants freeflow access thus reducing queuing time as well as the risk of ticket swapping, ticket loss, and need for staffing.
Upon arrival, the number plate of the vehicle is read by the ANPR camera positioned at each of the entry lanes, this then appears on the screen of the lane entry machine so the user can be assured it has been read correctly. The barrier raises and the car drives on through to park. This whole process happens whilst approaching the lane entry unit: by the time the vehicle gets there, the numberplate has been read and logged, allowing the driver a fast, effortless entry.
Customers have a choice to pay at a paystation, simply input the number plate and make a payment via card at the pay station. Alternatively lane exit units also allow card transactions to be made: the system is so fast, there is no delay to exit

The addition of a ticketless system has improved user experience, increased efficiency at every point of contact (or non contact in this case!) in the car park. Cost savings are being made with a reduction in paper being required for tickets and maintenance by staff.
For parking operators, digital platforms and flexible solutions offer the unique opportunity to meet the ever-increasing safety requirements within their facilities immediately.
Not only does HUB offer new parking experiences as touch-free as possible, it also offers absolute ease of access, autonomy, and varied options for drivers to select the service that actually meets their needs, hence alleviate the stress of parking.
JMS is the first tile-based management system in the parking industry: you gain direct access to all the functionalities from the dashboard. Actions are color-coded and clustered by area of function, making the dashboard extremely intuitive and user friendly. 

Westfield entry lanes

“We see HUB Parking as one of our technology partners. The flexibility of the system has allowed further innovative progression in offering totally ticketless solutions to our customers, creating effortless interaction. Enabling us to improve efficiency and reduce costs.”

says Joe Katona - Car Park and Estate Manager, Unibail-Rodamco- Westfield


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