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Westfield peripherals and barriers HUB ParkingUnibail-Rodamco-Westfield owns and operates 102 shopping centres across 13 countries. Since its opening in 2008, Westfield London has transformed London’s retail landscape, with a unique blend of fashion, beauty, dining, leisure and entertainment, just three miles from the West End. Westfield London is now the largest shopping centre in Europe at 2.6m square feet.

Westfield Stratford City opened in September 2011. The development comprises approx. 1.9m square feet of retail and leisure. It also features 1.1m square feet of current and future o ce space, as well as three hotels and 1,200 new homes which will be delivered in future phases. 



London & Stratford City WestfieldHUB Parking Technology designed and installed a highly tailored and digitally advanced parking solution at both Westfield sites: Stratford City first, then London. The first installation required 28 articulated Magnetic barriers, 12 entry stations with barcode ticket, 16 exit stations, 26 automated pay stations and 16 cashless automated pay stations. The installation work was carried out over a 6-week period and all the equipment was installed without ever closing a single car park, which is proof of impressive accountability.

The first phase at Westfield London began work 6 weeks later and was undertaken in 2 phases with 26 articulated Magnetic barriers, 13 entry stations, 13 exit stations, 28 automated pay stations and 12 cashless automated pay stations. Phase 2 consists of 6 entry stations, 6 exit stations, and 15 pay stations along with License Plate Recognition (LPR) on all lanes. All project deadlines were swiftly met throughout the whole process that is designed to be scalable so as to make the entire system future-proof and adaptable to the current and future demands of the shopping centers.

The sites’ operations are monitored from a single control room through JMS Janus Management System, which allows Westfield parking staff to easily access a dynamic and adaptable set of real-time information from all parking lots and generate complex and rich statistical analyses of both parking facilities’ performances through an intuitive graphical output.

The reporting options are customizable, in so far as JMS business intelligence integrates operational data from the parking equipment, the mobile payment options as well as the third-party services that are integrated: the parking management is thus able to interact with data and take informed decisions, immediately adjust them as needed thus unlocking the parking’s full revenue potential.

HUB parking solutions align to Westfield commitment to being at the forefront of innovation, and the scope of the project continues to grow, as does the partnership between Westfield and HUB.

HUB Parking Technology ZEAG peripherals Westfield

We see HUB Parking as one of our technology partners moving forward, because of their impressive roadmap, innovation and forward thinking as a company. The quality of the equipment and the exibility of its management system make daily operations quick and efficient from the control room, and thanks to the extra safety of the fault redundant configuration we feel safe in knowledge that the system will not miss a beat. The development and integration with Westfield’s Smart Parking application was critical to the success of this project which was delivered on time and with little or no disruption which was not easy in such a busy environment. We are looking forward to kicking off future expansions and further technology integration to expand on our user experience says Katie Wyle, Assistant General Manager at Westfield. 

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