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problem statement

The Two Rivers Shopping Centre is located in the lively town of Staines, on the banks of the River Wraysbury and River Colne, and is a modern, family-friendly shopping & entertainment complex offering its visitors a wide selection of fashion stores, dining options and leisure activities.

The huge variety of events, activities, and performances held in and out of its stores every week attract hundreds of visitors, making it a top priority for Two Rivers to modernize the car park’s management as well as their look and feel, while upgrading the payment options to offer a convenient, frictionless parking experience to their visitors.

HUB Parking Technology delivered and installed a comprehensive, integrated, and technologically advanced parking solution that has improved the operations management as well as the visitors’ shopping experience.


Two Rivers complex was built in 2002 and recently renovated its 35,000 square meter surface where “shopping meets leisure”: an enticing recreational environment housing more than forty shops, restaurants, a cinema and a gym, not to mention a love lock bridge. The complex offers car parking across two sites with capacity to accommodate up to 1033 vehicles, and required a parking management solution that would prove extremely flexible to welcome the various client types, while in parallel enhancing the security and accessibility of the service yard, that is attended by employees and deliveries on a daily basis.

Two Rivers Shopping Centre ZEAG peripherals Magnetic barriersThe car parks are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, reaching an average of 4,000 customers visits, with as many as 6,500 customers on the peak shopping days of the year. Finding a parking lot without stress, quickly accessing the preferred retail stores and choosing one of the user-friendly payment options upon the exit overall play a crucial role in maintaining Two Rivers reputation as a go-to shopping center in the region, thus elevating the entire customers’ experience.

Such a massive and varied volume of traffic required a technically advanced parking solution integrating the access control, system monitoring, and ease of use of the parking facilities.

client requirements

  • New entry and exit pay stations and barriers across 3 car parking areas, totaling 19 machines and 6 barriers
  • Hearing aid loops on the entry machines and pay stations, upgrading the existing intercoms
  • Pinhole cameras on pay stations and exit machines
  • ANPR bollard cameras
  • I.D tags to the front of the peripherals to allow an easier identification
  • Peripheral customization thanks to programmable LED strips
  • A comprehensive and straightforward system, easy to manage by the shopping center staff
  • Reliable and robust system that reduces the downtime


HUB Parking Technology has installed a comprehensive tailored solution, which comprised of over 19 ZEAG pay stations, entry & exit machines, completing the lanes with 6 robust barriers for enhanced security. The entire system was upgraded holistically: working as a team with the customer and the selected external contractor, HUB succeeded in completing the installation of the equipment in line with the agreed schedule, over a period of 3 weeks proving on-site full support and true proximity to the operations.

Two Rivers Shopping Centre ZEAG peripheralsIn order to minimize the impact on the shopping center daily operations, the installation was deployed in multiple swift phases that also included the customer visits to HUB facilities before the equipment delivery onsite, building on the trustful relation established along the previous months.

In addition to its industry-proven reliability, HUB equipment allowed a high degree of flexibility and customization, going so far as to embody Two Rivers branding to the fullest, by equipping the parking systems with programmable LED strips to match the two-color logo, in Wraysbury Blue and Colne turquoise.

Car parks now are not only differentiated by these lively branding colors, but are also smartly managed through the state-of-the-art technology of JMS, Janus Management System. Providing real-time data from the parking lots and an advanced yet intuitive array of digital functionalities, JMS allows the parking staff to monitor and generate accurate reports on the parking daily operations, granting the dynamic, total control of the parking business performances.

HUB Pro barrier at UK Two Rivers installation

While pinhole cameras enable monitoring of any customers who may require onsite assistance, ANPR cameras support any queries regarding misread number plates, which might lead to the incorrect validation of tickets. The swift integration of HUB equipment with monitoring devices was achieved thanks to the overarching smart management software JMS, ultimately granting Two Rivers the maximum systems’ count availability, and an excellent operational reliability.

A scalable, flexible solution that will be able to adapt to future enhancements, meeting the fast-changing requirements of the retail sector and leveraging on the industry digital innovations.

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