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problem statement

entry of the Ocean Village car park, equipped with HUB parking cashless stationsMDL had been looking to change the parking access control system at Ocean Village in Southampton, UK and in early 2020 they went to tender for a ticketed pay on foot system, specifically with integration to Paxton and Net 2.
HUB successfully won the tender to replace the existing pay and display system at Ocean Village in order to provide a pay on foot solution that integrated to their Paxton issued proximity cards. 
Pay on foot gives customers increased flexibility in deciding how long they use the car park for.


exit lane of the car park at MDL marina, equipped with cashless and contactless HUB parking stations and barriersWith the mixed-use nature of the marina’s 7 car parks across the estate, the new systems are able to cater for a mix of permit holders and transient visitors, optimizing the car park management. 
They operate on a ticket system with payment via credit card and the addition of Janus for Merchant (J4M) for the validation of parking tickets by the range of establishments based in the marina including the spa and hotel. 
The system's connected parking technology also integrates with the Paxton NET2 system for access with MDL issued proximity cards.

client requirements

  • Regulated access to the berthing services
  • Flexible systems depending on the site
  • Pre-booking services via branded app (JPass white label)
  • Credit card and NFC contactless payments
  • Parking validation via J4M solution
  • 24/7 drivers’ assistance via intercom
  • Advanced reporting capabilities on parking performances  
  • Integration with Paxton NET2 access system 


Jupiter systems have been installed at the car parks across the various sites. The requirement was to provide flexible systems depending on the site. Both pay on exit and pay on foot parking systems were installed: this allows all different types of users including pass holders with existing proximity cards through the Paxton integrated proximity system.
nice aerial view of the MDL Marina berthing siteThe ticket system takes payment via credit card for cashless payments, and integrates with the in-house Janus 4 Merchant (J4M) for the validation of parking tickets.
With minimal site disruption and construction work being completed in a matter of weeks, the transition to new technology across the sites has been well received.
The total construction time to convert from pay and display to pay on foot was just 13 weeks from the point of the scope being finalised. This included extensive civils works and multi vendor collaboration.
The parking system is an intuitive and straightforward solution which is totally cashless, making transactions quick and contactless. 
The process of payment is smoother and quicker for the user, whilst giving MDL some great reporting data in order to better monitor the car park activities and get the most out of their assets.
JPass white label app is in use at MDL, easy to useJPass white label app is in use at MDL to pre-book parking servicesJPass white label app is in use at MDLIn addition to the system being cashless, MDL have also taken our mobile app solution JPass on a full white label. White label allows MDL to use their own branding within the app to provide a seamless parking service to their customers.

This will enable their customers to not only pre-book and use Bluetooth or QR codes for entry, but also pay by mobile, giving even further flexibility to the end user. 

Having won the contract for Ocean Village in Southampton, HUB went on to carry out installations at 2 further sites – Queen Anne’s Battery based down in Plymouth and Brixham in Devon. Each site has been tailored to suit the specific requirements.


 “HUB Parking Technology has helped us to develop our parking assets, making them a smooth experience for our users with minimal site disruption all whilst giving us better analytics for our parking sites.”

Richard Broadribb, Property Director


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