Lahore International Airport (LHE)

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problem statement

control room with JMS at Lahore airportAllama Iqbal International Airport (LHE) is the second largest civilian airport by traffic in Pakistan.
During the low-traffic covid-stricken period, parking transits reached 2000-2500 per day, and approx. 60,000 per month; once air travel picks up, the volume is expected to increase up to 150,000 transits per month. The main parking challenge for the airport management was to manage these transactions in a structured, digital, and more efficient way - replacing handwritten tickets and uncontrolled traffic.
Airport parkers include employees, guests, visitors, taxi drivers, motorbikes, and commercial vehicles, which all share the need for a modern parking solution.
Parking capacity and revenue control are a must for the LHE staff, to ensure efficient operations and financially solid performances.

client requirements

  • 24/7 drivers’ assistance via intercom
  • Parking Guidance System integration
  • LPR camera-based technology
  • Advanced reporting capabilities to monitor and streamline revenues
  • Robust and efficient stations for 4 entry lanes and 4 exit lanes
  • Fully equipped, user-friendly automated pay stations APS
  • Local technology deployment care of HUB partner ASG Systems
  • Backup server and installation for client IT


entry lanes at the Lahore airport parking lotPakistan Civil Aviation Authority (PCAA) has recently launched the expansion of the terminal building, increasing the gates from 7 to 22 and building two new parking basements with 4 access lanes, 3200 stalls and an internal parking guidance system.
HUB’s modular system now integrates Parking Guidance Sistem (PGS) and LPR camera-based technology, thus speeding up vehicle access and minimizing both risk of human errors and revenue loss due to tailgating or fare miscalculation. All parking devices and cameras are integrated with JMS software, that allows parking staff to monitor occupancy and revenues in real time, and assist drivers.
Through the advanced reporting dashboard and a top-notch control room, staff is in full control of the parking operations.


"We choose HUB to manage easily and securely our 3800+ parking spaces, and to ensure that our users do no longer stress about the parking: the access and payment are extremely easy and smooth. The equipment robustness, 24/7 support from HUB and the digital access to all parking operational data make the management of the lots extremely flexible and efficient.  We are looking forward to implement same system in other airports as well."

Raheel Akram, Senior Assistant Director Finance

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