COPENHAGEN Airport Kastrup (CPH)

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problem statement

Copenhagen Airport Kastrup (CPH) is one of the fastest-growing airports in Europe, reaching a passenger volume of more than 29 million in 2016, and an average of 79,500 people per day.

The airport has established itself as the preferred hub of Northern Europe for both tourist and business travelers, with European traffic up 1.7% and intercontinental traffic up 6.7% year-on-year, thanks to the opening of 22 new international routes including Boston, Groeningen, Yekaterinburg, and Miami among others. Such a constantly positive trend makes CPH a true gateway to the world, and is sustained by an excellent quality of service delivered across all of the functional areas of the airport.

An ambitious plan has been recently presented to expand the western part of the airport, creating the capacity and facilities to handle up to 40 million passengers a year and more new routes, including 17 long-haul routes. Parking will play a fundamental role in helping passengers access and exit the facilities easily and to grant them a pleasant, flawless journey.


With over 11,000 spaces for hourly and daily parking, Copenhagen Airport Kastrup operates the biggest parking installation in Denmark. The parking complex features a total of 19 separate areas, including off-airport parking and parking for employees. To swiftly handle the growing demand and enhance its multiple services, the airport management has launched a comprehensive plan to modernize the parking facilities and equipment, while maintaining uninterrupted operations and delivering an excellent customer experience. HUB Parking has installed a comprehensive and technologically advanced parking system back in 1999.

Overthe years, the system has been expanded with new peripherals and upgraded several times, benefitting from the flexibility and the scalability that are a proven hallmark of HUB.

As of mid-2017, the entire parking system consists of over 100 devices, that are seamlessly tied into the client server management architecture.

Copenhagen Airport has always proved a pioneer with the implementation of innovative technology and functionalities: for instance, it was one of the first operators to offer parking pre-booking and pre-payment services to its customers, dynamically keeping up with the demands of the fast-paced travel industry. In order to accommodate the current and future requirements of CPH airport, a substantial set of new services and digital technologies has been defined, introducing new revenue control equipment and management software functionalities. HUB has been identified as strategic technology partner to provide a new parking management system as well as a series of complementary systems, embodying an all-encompassing, and upgradeable parking solution that would ensure the airport viability in the future.

client requirements

  • Scalable management system with an intuitive graphical user interface and easy import and export of data
  • Ability to run the parking management system in a virtual environment, including servers and substations
  • Full IP integration of peripherals, cameras and intercom (VoIP) over Ethernet
  • Interface to BroBizz toll road system, widely used in Denmark, Sweden and Norway
  • Fully integrated space count and guidance system, allowing reduced search and transit times, hence contributing to better traffic flows
  • In-Lane License Plate Recognition (LPR) to prevent ticket fraud, recognize pre-bookers and enable the search for specific license plates, further improving the users’ experience and security Enhanced pre-booking with different media (LPR, barcode, credit cards and other media)
  • Fulfilling the heightened legal requirements regarding security in public places, specifically the integration of security lock areas with two barrier gates and anti-terror wedge barriers
  • Integration of a valet system, providing access and payment through the installed parking system


Living up to its status of Europe’s most effective airport due to automation, self-service & technology, Copenhagen Airport turned to HUB in order to secure a turn-key solution with the highest scalability for the management of their parking infrastructure, offering efficient monitoring, an industry-proven reliability and an excellent level of service.

Copenhagen Airport HUB Parking ZEAG installationsAs a first step, the existing system has been updated to full IP integration, providing the opportunity for further future expansions and upgrades. At the same time, the same infrastructure is shared by the building infrastructure, parking system, intercom as well as LPR & CCTV cameras. After the initial upgrade, a multitude of additional complementary systems have been specified, including the integration of a new technology-driven parking guidance system as well as a sophisticated LPR solution, in order to facilitate the capture of license plate data for inventory and audit purposes.

This has immediately increased the ability of the parking operator to perform a timely inventory of the data acquisition, thus improving both customer service (helping clients find their car) and the parking revenues (in case of lost or swapped tickets). The airport will soon implement a fully integrated valet system, replacing the existing stand-alone system.

HUB Parking Technology has an extensive expertise in interface implementations for large and small airports, gained through multiple installations in North America and around the world where it is crucial to ensure a frictionless integration into the overall parking solution, thus enhancing the services offered to customers. Copenhagen Airport has reconfirmed HUB a comprehensive maintenance contract, assuring direct and prompt support at all times, and ultimately guaranteeing the highest level of system availability. The current parking system will be upgraded to innovative Janus Management System JMS, the most user-friendly, flexible web-based software solution to control all the lanes and equipment located in several lots from one easy-to-use centralized control panel.

Providing immediate access to relevant information, anytime and anywhere, JMS offers real-time reporting and analysis of complex operational data that bring extremely useful business insights to act on.

With JMS, parking customers are constantly assisted thanks to its remote audio and video controls and operators can easily and centrally manage all business processes, thus maximizing efficiency and minimizing efforts.

Copenhagen Airport Parking“We have chosen HUB Parking Technology to sustain the airport ambitious plans for growth. We required a dynamic, smart technology partner who could ensure not only long-lasting, reliable and scalable equipment, but also the most advanced and flexible digital solutions to allow further future expansions. HUB Parking Technology was also able to seamlessly integrate with the existing third-party services and offer unparalleled expertise, service and support over the years. We look forward to growing our partnership over the coming years” says Copenhagen Airport’s Head of Parking & Taxi Services.








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