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problem statement

San Raffaele Hospital, is a Health-care Institution and Research Center founded in 1969 and is located in an area of 300.000 sqm, right off the city center of Milan. With 35.000 surgeries, 50.950 admissions, 895.000 outpatient services and over 63.500 accesses in 2014 alone, San Raffaele ranks among the first hospitals in Italy, both for number of patients and quality of services.
Every day roughly ten thousand people go through the hospital area. The need for quick and easy car parking, in many cases, is fundamental. San Raffaele’s management boasts top level hospital care and wanted to be able to offer the same outstanding quality service parking as well which is an essential element of a 100% hassle free experience for patients, visitors and employees.


Each day at San Raffaele Hospital more than four thousands employees and five thousands patients go through the hospital and its facilities. There are three main parking areas: several public parking lots, the re-served parking area for employees and the San Raffaele Hospital subterranean parking lot.

HUB Parking Technology San Raffaele hospital MilanThe ongoing illegal parking in the streets close to the hospital was causing congestion, a safety hazard and nuisance to visitors, as well as residents. Furthermore, several areas adjacent to the hospital were unused and could have been activated as a source of revenue. 

The management wanted a ‘high availability’ Revenue Control Environment able to interface and dialogue with the Hospital’ SAP resource planning system while still supplying the features, functions, and management tools required to ease up customer throughput and increase customers’ and workers’ satisfaction levels. HUB Parking Technology was selected by the management as an accountable and trustworthy technology partner.

The project contemplated several phases of implementation to introduce new revenue and access control system solutions throughout the hospital complex to improve customer satisfaction levels for patients, employees, and operators.

client requirements

  • Reliable, efficient and easy to manage parking system for total control
  • More convenient parking areas compared to the previous ones at the hospital both for guests and employees
  • Cutting-edge and intuitive management system able to integrate SAP data for automatic, complete and easy-to-pull reports and analytics
  • In-Lane LPR and AVI long range readers to further improve users’ experience, car park management and users’ security
  • CCTV and Intercom equipment for 24/7 customer assistance
  • Effective and highly responsive after-sales service offering prompt maintenance and onsite service to minimize the downtime of the system
  • Space Count System, VMS LED displays and guidance system for visitors and employees to easily and quickly park their car and find their spot


HUB Parking Technology installed a web-based, highly scalable and flexible software solution at San Raffaele Hospital which controls the parking services and technologies installed in the area. Thanks to HUB Parking Technology’s management system, which provides advanced analytics and real time reporting, the Hospital executives can now access anytime and anywhere the JMS software while easily controlling the equipment located in several lots from one centralized control room, therefore creating greater operational efficiency.
Janus Management System implementation at San Raffaele Hospital, is a great example of the adaptability of our parking solutions.

HUB Parking ParQube installation San Raffaele hospital MilanIt simplifies the management of such an high number of parking spaces. It grants less administrative labor and increments fraud prevention by automatically syncing the revenue data coming from the management software with the SAP system of the hospital, thus relieving the parking operators from time consuming updating tasks.
Over a span of time, HUB Parking Technology implemented more than 50 different peripherals at San Raffaele’s facilities which feature different types of technical solutions, bringing the total count of parking spaces managed to 3.500.
All entry/exit and pay stations are supervised with CCTV cameras and fitted with Intercoms to grant customers 24/7 security and full support. AVI long range readers and license plate recognition systems, as well as VMS displays, have been installed in the lanes to allow seamless and stress free use and access to the parking lots. Some of the lots have a Parking Guidance System that detects vehicles presence (red: occupied / green: vacant) and shows available stalls on LED variable message signs displays to reduce the time needed to find a parking space. This improves user experience on one hand and reduces carbon monoxide emissions on the other, simplifying the search for a free stall. These features, situated in different parking lots throughout the Hospital facilities are managed, thanks to our software, from a unique and centralized control room.
The Full Maintenance Service, provided by HUB, empowers San Raffaele’s hospital management to run the whole facility smoothly and continuously, maximizing the life and performance of the system and protecting the client’s investment. HUB Parking Technology developed an easy to use and maintain total solution for San Raffaele Hospital, thanks to the accurate revenue documentation and easy information tracking that JMS is able to offer.
San Raffaele Hospital can now offer a high level of service even outside the hospital rooms, providing a flawless parking experience that has streamlined operations, increased revenues and raised the users’ satisfaction level.

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